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Close up of a dental surgery of a woman If you suffer from dental fear and anxiety that prevents you from visiting a dental office, you can benefit from visiting a sedation dentist in Miami. Sedation dentistry utilizes the administration of sedatives and anti-anxiety medication to ensure that you have a pain free and stress free visit to the dentist.

After your dentist administers sedation, you will feel incredibly calm, relaxed, and at ease. You can opt to remain conscious yet sedated during the procedure, or you can ask your sedation dentist for general anesthesia, which will make you sleep during your dental work. Whichever procedure you choose, you will not experience any pain or anxiety, and you will not remember your dental procedure at all.

Because patients are so calm and comfortable after the sedation dentistry oral medication is administered, a sedation dentist is able to perform more than one dental procedure during an office visit. This means that you won’t have the stress or cost of multiple visits to your dental office. You can also undergo more lengthy and complex dental procedures without worrying about physical or emotional discomfort.

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