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Dr. Joe Garri, MD, DMD

Dr. Joe Garri, MD, DMD

Oral Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon and Craniofacial Surgeon

Dr. Garri’s long educational path started in Gainesville, Florida. There he attended college and obtained his dental degree at the University of Florida. Upon completion of a general practice residency in dentistry, he sought further training and completed a residency in oral and maxillofacial surgery. It was during this residency that Dr. Garri developed an interest in the treatment of cleft lip and palate patients and in the care of children with facial deformities.

In order to pursue these interests, Dr. Garri decided upon the completion of his oral surgery training to return to medical school and pursue a career in plastic surgery. He completed medical school at SUNY at Stony Brook and then a general surgery program at the University of Miami. It was there that he also completed his training in plastic surgery. Dr. Garri finished his long surgical training at UCLA with a year of craniofacial surgery. Dr. Garri achieved three surgical boards (plastic surgery, oral surgery, and general surgery), a distinction which is extremely rare and speaks of his dedication and many years of training.”


1980-1983: College at the University of Florida.
1983-1987: Dental School at University of Florida College of Dentistry.
1987-1988: General Practice Residency at University Hospital, Jacksonville, FL.
1988-1992: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Harlem Hospital Center, NY, NY.
1992-1996: Medical School at SUNY at Stony Brook College of Medicine, NY, NY.
1996-2001: General Surgery Residency at University of Miami, Miami, FL.
2001-2003: Plastic Surgery at University of Miami, Miami, FL.
2003-2004: Craniofacial Fellowship at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.

Additional Certifications

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Board Certified Oral Surgeon
Board Certified General Surgeon

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