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Pain-Free Dentistry in Miami, FL

The Dental Vibe

Let’s face it; nobody likes getting shots at the dentist regardless of how old you are. Dental phobias and fear of injections are one of the most common reasons that people don’t visit the dentist as often as they should. If you’re one of those people, we’ve got great news for you.

Wow! I Didn’t Feel a Thing!

DentalVibe is a patented, award-winning, cordless, handheld and easy-to-use device designed to reduce the pain and fear associated with dreaded dental injections. DentalVibe can be used with any dental anesthetic injection syringe to deliver comfortable, pain-free shots in all areas of the mouth. It’s especially useful in pediatric dentistry.

Dental Vibe

How Does It Work?

Breakthrough VibraPulse technology delivers unique, soothing pulsed vibrations to block the pain and discomfort of dental injections. The micro-sonic oscillations of DentalVibe’s comfort tips are pulsed in a controlled synchronized wave pattern. Along with an enhanced amplitude, VibraPulse Technology sends a soothing percussive, or tapping stimulation deep into the oral mucosa, gently exciting the submucosal sensory nerve endings.

Because the sensation of vibration travels along thick myelinated A-beta nerve fibers twice as fast as the pain sensation does, a gating mechanism is closed and the pain sensation never reaches to the brain. Brilliantly, it’s this pulsed re-stimulation that maintains closure of the gate and blocks the pain of an injection

Come experience the latest in Pain-Free Dentistry and see what everyone is not crying about. Call us today at 305-559-7001 to schedule a consultation to learn more about our pain-free dentistry options.

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