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Our Product And Dental Specials

At Elite Dental Group, we are dedicated to satisfying your dental care needs. Our Miami dentists understand that the cost of treatments may prevent you from seeking medical attention, which is why we offer special offers. We offer hot deals that can save you hundreds of dollars!

younger boy with top braces smiling

Don’t Suffer From Toothaches Any Longer!

Our current specials include:

  • All-on-4 Dental Implants Special
    Get a Free Consultation + 24-Months 0% Interest Financing!
  • $1,000 Off Lumineers
    Get a Pain-Free Beautiful Smile with Lumineers! $1,000 Off A Set of 8 + 24-Months 0% Interest Financing!
  • Dental Implants for $85 Per Month
    We offer the best dental implants in Miami! Our dental implants can eliminate the hassle of denture glue or bone loss.
  • Wisdom Teeth Extractions for Only $1600
    Our board certified dentists can remove four wisdom teeth for the low price of just $1600. This special includes nitrous oxide (laughing gas). CODE: D7220.

Contact Us

Schedule a free exam to discuss your concerns with our dentists. If you would like more information about our financing or special offers, please contact us today at 305-559-7001.


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