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When preparing for your dental implant procedure or having your wisdom teeth near Kendall extracted, you need to consider how your recovery will look like. Speak with your dentist for any suggestions to make your recovery period run as smoothly and quickly as possible. Continue reading for a brief look at how you should prepare for your oral surgery.

Dentist checking patient

Arrange Your Transportation

Depending on how extensive your oral surgery will be and the type of anesthesia your dentist will use, you should arrange transportation for the day of the surgery. Often, the patient will still be groggy, heavily sedated, or in pain after an oral surgery. With caring transportation available to take you to and from the dental office, you can go into your surgery with as little stress as possible. Make sure your transportation is dependable, and double check the night before that your arranged transportation can still take you and pick you up from your appointment.

Plan Your Diet

Whether your oral surgery is a root canal or involves dental implants, you should plan out your diet for after surgery. Anything you might eat should be very soft and somewhat bland. Foods with a lot of spices or acid may irritate your swollen and inflamed gums. Try to find smoothies or drinks high in proteins and vitamins so that you still receive a nutritious diet while you recover. Most likely, your dentist will advise you against using a straw to drink anything. The sucking motion can cause a serious infection known as “dry socket,” which will require further treatment.

Prepare Your Space

No one wants to have a dental procedure just to come home to an uncomfortable recovery space. Before your surgery, find a comfortable area of your home—probably your bedroom or living room couch. Be sure you have something to entertain you, such as books, magazines, or a television set with movies and reruns. Have somewhere to curl up with your entertainment for the next several hours to a few days.

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