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Dental crowns are very versatile dental appliances. They can cover and replace damaged teeth, but crowns can also be used to cover badly discolored or chipped teeth. Depending on your desires and dental needs, your dentist may recommend a few different options, but crowns continue to be a popular choice for dental restorations.

Dental crowns can be used to cover a tooth that has undergone a root canal or another procedure that has removed a fair amount of the tooth. They may also be used to replace a decayed or missing tooth as an implant-supported crown. No matter the reason, once your dentist has deemed you a good candidate, you will schedule at least two visits. The first visit will involve taking molds and scans of your teeth or tooth to get the exact size and shape of the affected tooth. You will also discuss the color you would like for the crown—scheduling a whitening procedure before you determine the shade of your crown might help you brighten your whole smile. In the meantime, a temporary crown may be placed over your affected tooth. The next appointment, typically a week later, your dentist will place the custom-made crown to the affected tooth. It will be cemented and polished to be sure the fit is correct.

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